Adrian has the unique ability to be capable and persistent while also being kind and respectful. Her client-centered approach shows in her strong advocacy during all types of negotiations.


With more than a decade of legal experience, Adrian Davis has the expertise to help you move forward with confidence as you make a successful life transition from a married couple to two individuals.


It is natural to have fears and concerns, and even to grieve the loss of a relationship. With Adrian, you will find an experienced professional who is dedicated, caring and compassionate, no matter your situation.

Family Law Services


Consider using family focused divorce options in North Carolina

Collaborative Divorce is a legal method for reaching fair, healthy solutions to divorce and family law disputes without the contention that is often present in the traditional adversarial process.

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Divorce mediation services offered by Adrian Davis Family Law in Raleigh and Durham

Much like collaboration, divorce mediation offers a positive experience and often offers a more peaceful, less stressful alternative to arbitration or litigation. Your voice is heard, and your family is protected.

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Separation agreements include plans for child custody, child support and alimony

Sometimes all you need is a separation agreement. From financial and co-parenting arrangements to division of property, Adrian can assist in drafting a legal document that meets your needs.

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 Wake and Durham County - Divorce Papers Filed with Courts

Some couples are able to negotiate their own own separation agreement, and require attorneys only to review the agreement. Divorce consulting provides a minimal services to review and finalize the agreement.

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